Deluxe Plus Set With Vok


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Base with efficient heat distribution for even cooking
Non-stick interior for healthy cooking and easy cleaning
Teflon coating
Suitable for all heat sources
Hard enamel exterior
Ergonomic stay cool handle
Always use a wooden or plastic spoon for non-stick utensils
Don’t leave your non-stick pans on heat when empty
For cleaning, only use dishwashing soap or liquid
Rubbing is not recommended for non-stick utensils
Don’t stack non-stick pans after washing


This base with efficient heat distribution ensures even cooking, making it a reliable tool in the kitchen. With its non-stick interior, it promotes healthy cooking and is easy to clean, thanks to its Teflon coating. Compatible with all heat sources, this versatile cookware features a hard enamel exterior for durability. The ergonomic stay cool handle offers a comfortable grip while cooking. To maintain the non-stick properties, it is recommended to use wooden or plastic utensils. Avoid leaving the pan on heat when empty and only use dishwashing soap or liquid for cleaning, as rubbing is not advised. Additionally, it’s important not to stack non-stick pans after washing to prevent damage.


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