Sonex Splendor King Set – 12Pcs


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High Quality
12 Pieces Cooking Pots Set
Die cast cooking pots set with nonstick ceramic coating
Good Material


Die Cast Set Ceramic Coating

Color : Black

Model No : 52268

Set contains 5 cooking pots in different sizes with steel glass combined lid & 2 silicones

Pot 1:

Día: 20 Cm

Depth: 9 Cm

Capacity: 3 Liter

Pot 2:

Día: 24 Cm

Depth: 11 Cm

Capacity: 5 Liter

Pot 3:

Día: 28 Cm

Depth: 12 Cm

Capacity: 7 Liter

Pot 4:

Día: 30 Cm

Depth: 12.5 Cm

Capacity: 9 Liter

Pot 5:

Día: 32 Cm

Depth: 13 Cm

Capacity: 10.5 Liter

Sonex International is a quality conscious company dedicated to provide superior quality kitchenware to both local and international markets. Since 1960, Sonex International has been a reason of joy to Pakistani households, by providing the finest quality


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